Tianjin yidingfeng Supply Chain Management Service Co., Ltd. adheres to the business philosophy of "building a bridge with the world for you, making trade easier"; Uphold the "high quality goods, fair prices and quality services to domestic and foreign customers and society" business purpose.

Benefit customs clearance services reduce the risk of customs clearance and improve the efficiency. We have a professional customs clearance team, with AA class customs qualification
Benefit settlement of foreign exchange
Benefit financing services can easily solve the financing and business problems of small and medium-sized enterprises, speed up capital turnover and enhance export vitality
From a professional point of view, we escort the international trade of small, medium and micro enterprises
Complete the logistics work efficiently with the lowest cost...
Promote business cooperation between domestic and foreign enterprises, optimize and integrate high-end resources...
Free import process query, easy to understand the progress of the voyage, the costs and business handling...

Tianjin Yidingfeng Supply Chain Management Service Co., Ltd. was founded in 2019. After only two years of rapid development and expansion, through exporting epidemic prevention materials, mobile phones, high-end furniture, daily necessities, etc. and based on good product quality and reputation, the present total assets have reached 1 billion yuan

  • 10million total assets
  • 60+ Customs clearance capability
  • 15000 Invest in Tianjin in 2021
  • 200+ lines
  • 300many supplier

The company is located in the Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area and enjoys convenient port resources. It is directly under the jurisdiction of the China (Tianjin) pilot Free Trade Zone Market Supervision...

Property Risk not only includes the enterprise's buildings, machinery and equipment, raw materials, finished goods, means of transport and other tangible property potential losses...
As a legal person institution, an enterprise may at any time face various economic liabilities in the course of production and operation, the liability insurance may undertake the economic compensation liability for the enterprise when it causes personal
Oil Development, aerospace, aviation, nuclear energy and other special industry insurance can provide enterprises with a variety of comprehensive risk protection for the development of enterprises escort.